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          At present, the Chelsea lineup has been basically in place, the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the back line. In addition, there are still some doubts about the position of goalkeeper. I think that Kepa does not need to be replaced. Cech has also supported the number one goalkeeper of the blue army, and thinks that he can give some time and Kepa has a future in Chelsea. However, the recent rumors still have the news of the introduction of a new goalkeeper, but this may be the meaning of the manager, and then how to make a final conclusion still needs Lampard's decision.


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          The deregulation of stock index futures is bad for the whole market, but not necessarily for securities companies. Why? Because this means that securities companies can increase the intensity of hedging, after the strengthening of hedging, they may dare to increase the strength of spot positions, so to a certain extent, it is good for securities companies.

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