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          Spurs manager Jose Antonio hopes the team will bring in Real Madrid's Gareth bell. Unfortunately, this wish can not be fulfilled, and it is impossible to bring in new players. The manager is very dissatisfied, but he has nothing to do. Tottenham have included three players before, namely, heybel, doldi and Joe Hart, the latter is the substitute goalkeeper, heybel and duoerti are to supplement the weak position, can also be competent for the starting position, duoerti is hoping to replace Olivier, the team needs to trade Olivier next. After he left the team, his position was not included in the new aid, this position is a hidden worry, it is obvious that the team's strength is not dominant, this season is basically to accompany the rhythm of running. Arsenal retain obamayan, in addition to the introduction of Gabriel, the strength of the lineup is enough to snatch 4 rhythm, and even may not be in the top four, but retaining obamayan is at least keeping the possibility of competing for the fourth.

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