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          The Premier League only starts this Saturday, the first start is Arsenal's 3-0 win over Fulham, the latter is a promoted horse, so it is inevitable to win such an opponent. The game's three goals were scored in the 8th, 48th and 56th minutes. Lakazet took the lead first, and Gabriel, the new aid, took another city in the second half, and then obamayan locked in the victory. It is extremely correct to retain this general, and it should be affirmed that William was included in the opening game, which played a key role in the opening game, which is indeed a multi-faceted advantage. Because he gave two assists to make great contributions, with such an auxiliary weapon, the possibility of Arsenal's offensive side's dumb fire has been reduced. Last season, William's key role in Chelsea has been very obvious, therefore, Arsenal are in a good position This summer's deal really made money. Before the season, the top management of Arsenal set the goal of this season as the top four in the Premier League. The process and performance of the opening game really show that the Gunners have such strength.


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